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Are you an Inspected Clean Diamond Licensed Hotel?

You have the Diamonds, so become an Official Appointment to be licensed to let AAA’s more than 63 million members and other potential guests know that your hotel has been evaluated by expert inspectors and that it is Inspected Clean by the company deemed the No. 2 most trusted travel brand in the U.S. by Morning Consult in 2022. As an Official Appointment, you increase your hotel’s visibility with AAA members through AAA channels, including, Trip Canvas and the AAA TourBook guides. You are licensed to use AAA and Inspected Clean logos on your website and in your hotel advertisements. You also have the exclusive opportunity to fill your inventory by advertising Hot Deals and purchasing Sponsored Listings on

AAA members account for 33% of all room nights paid in the U.S.

AAA Members spend $66.1 billion annually on U.S. hotel room nights.

AAA is the
Second Most Trusted Travel & Hospitality Brand

Why become a
AAA Official Appointment?

Hot Deals

Fill available inventory and increase revenue by advertising Hot Deals on You are in complete control of choosing the dates and rates, and you can even change the offer as needed.

Hot Deals appear on and for all available inventory dates, and thousands of AAA and CAA Travel Agents recommend them to their clients.

Inspected Clean

Set yourself apart from competitors by telling not only AAA members but also all prospective guests that your hotel is Inspected Clean by AAA – one of America’s most trusted brands.

Cleanliness is more important than ever to travelers, and only with an Official Appointment can you advertise that your hotel has been evaluated by an expert AAA inspector and verified Inspected Clean, both visibly and scientifically with ATP surface testing, the same technology used to verify cleanliness in the hospital and food industries.

63M+ Members

Increase visibility to AAA’s more than 63 million members with your Official Appointment. Members make up 33% of paid room nights and spend more than $109 million daily on paid accommodations.

With an Official Appointment, you have the opportunity to buy sponsored listings, putting you at the top of hotel search results on and, so you reach a larger share of our audience. You also increase your footprint in the AAA TourBook guide with a larger listing that includes a photo of your property and a list of amenities.