DiamondDesignation for Restaurants

AAA’s professional inspections and designations are always consistent and reliable because we use published guidelines based on member expectations and industry standards. That’s why you can count on the AAA inspections team to give your establishment an accurate, insightful measure of how to meet member needs and stay industry competitive.

The guidelines outline the extensive list of attributes inspectors review to determine if an establishment qualifies to be a AAA Diamond Restaurant – if so – the appropriate Diamond designation level based on the type of experience provided.

Restaurant Approval Requirements &
Diamond Designation Guidelines

Restaurants that pass their on-site evaluation by a AAA inspector are AAA Diamond designated, indicating clean, comfortable facilities and a good choice for members for the type of experience provided, from self-service to world-class dining.  Next, a designation of Approved to Five Diamond is assigned, reflecting the restaurant’s combined overall, food, service and vibe scores – and/or – extensiveness of personalized service and amenities member can expect.

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Diamond Designations for Restaurants
represent the overall food, service and vibe offered.