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How has the Inspection Report evolved?

AAA is always evaluating and updating our standards to reflect the tastes of the traveling community. AAA still performs the same detailed property inspection that has become the industry standard. This new Inspection Report Summary offers a concise, high-level view of the results; but a fully detailed, comprehensive and complimentary report is only available to Official Appointment (OA) properties. If your property is not an Official Appointment but you would like a copy of the detailed report, there are two options:

  1. Join the Official Appointment program by contacting us.
  2. Complete the form below and submit payment.

What does it mean to be an Official Appointment?

The Official Appointment is AAA’s logo licensing program. It allows you to promote your Diamond Designation to AAA’s 60 million + members in a variety of ways. While there are many benefits to the OA program, one of the perks is that, after each inspection, you will always receive a fully detailed Inspection Report.

Why should I order the Detailed version?

This comprehensive report details just how the Diamond Program works and how your designation is calculated. It also includes the detailed results of the Housekeeping & Maintenance inspection, expanded inspector’s comments, and serves as a basis for more in-depth discussions regarding your property’s Diamond designation.

What can I expect?

A complete evaluation and explanation of how your property has been evaluated. Every category, with scores, appears on this report along with the inspector’s comments. Here is a sample:

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