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Are You Ready for Your Next Inspection?

Learn How We’ve Enhanced our AAA Diamond Inspection with Scientific Surface Testing.

Together we can rebuild traveler confidence with Inspected Clean

AAA Diamond Designation Enhanced with inspected Clean Criteria

Your Diamond designation will now require passing the same physical inspections for cleanliness and condition as before, along with ATP surface testing for cleanliness. This adds objective, scientific indication that your hotel’s cleaning protocols are effective.

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Inspected Clean - Cleanliness & Condition Thoroughly clean both visibly and surface tested

AAA inspected Clean Surface Testing

Starting July 2021, properties that pass their AAA Diamond inspection with the addition of surface testing, will now be considered “INSPECTED CLEAN”, which will increase the relevance of a property’s Diamond designation.

Travelers and AAA members will soon be able to find AAA Inspected Clean Hotels on AAA’s travel planning tools.

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This new step gives you scientific validation that your cleaning protocols are effective with an independent, third-party process consumers trust.

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