AAA travel information is the expert source that over 60+ million members can access to dream, plan and book their vacations.

Information is collected by our professional inspection teams from over 77,000 properties and distributed digitally through the AAA Mobile app and the AAA TripTik Travel Planner, as well as the printed TourBook.

Keeping travel data current is our mission in Content Certification. To update your listing information please include the property name, address and phone number, along with the list of elements that have changed. We also provide assistance with ownership and brand changes. All property changes must be requested via fax, email or mail and will be processed within three business days.

To contact us with listing changes:


Fax: 407-444-7766

Mail: AAA National Office
Attn: Content Certification
1000 AAA Drive, M/S 67
Heathrow, FL 32746

Phone: 407-444-8370

Maximizing Your Listing

The majority of updates are managed through your hotel’s relationship with the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) at your location.  AAA is responsible for the Diamond Designations, Sponsored Listings, TourBook® Spotlight and the Partner Member Benefit Information. The Hotel Guide addresses:

  • Common listing issues
  • Contact information
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Required booking engines
  • Rate collection process
  • Listing changes – name, description, amenities
  • Image and video uploads

For further information about advertising, AAA Hot Deals or Sponsored Listing, click here for Multimedia Marketing.