Keeping travel data current is our mission in Content Certification. Our team can assist with updates to your listing information as it appears in AAA’s digital products.

Please contact us at and include:

  • Property name
  • Property address
  • Property telephone number
  • List of requested changes

If your requested changes involve your listing, please refer to the next section.


Download INSTRUCTIONAL Hotel Guide

A majority of data updates that appear on are controlled through your property’s relationship with its Global Distribution Systems (GDS) provider and/or your Central Reservation System (CRS) contact.

Important to Note:

  • AAA Partners with the TST (Travel Syndication Technology) booking engine
  • TST uploads hotel inventory directly from Travelport Galileo
  • Images are updated through Expedia Partner Network and/or your contracted image repository system (ICEPortal or Leonardo); AAA cannot update your images
  • Rates must be loaded as Negotiated Multi-level Rates (MLRA) and be loaded as commissionable

Please refer to the Instructional Hotel Guide for additional information regarding: